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Oregon in September…

The smoke moved in quickly, overnight it seemed. I awoke to an eerie golden light trickling in through my blinds. The street outside our house, normally busy with neighbors and passers-by, sat empty and quiet, the only movement came from the occasional car or an errant squirrel. Now a pallid yellow, the sky was swallowed. Everything smelled of smoke and as it lingered, it coated our lungs and choked my mind.

Those days were surprisingly difficult. Everyone was forced to be inside because the air quality was too unhealthy. Long hours spent looking out the windows. The…

The first time I experienced a really painful and deep loss was at 17, after a breakup with the first boy I ever loved. I remember being heartbroken, feeling lost, feeling alone. As I have come to learn, breakups are a part of life, but at the time it felt like my whole world was turned upside down. I struggled for a while, and called my mom a lot. She would often remind me, the pain was not something that was going to disappear overnight, the pain was not something I could avoid or evade. I had to look at…

Via Norco Ranch Eggs

I often feel pressure to know lots of things, to be talented and achieve success. Pressure to have lots of skills, develop new skills, read more books, essentially to become a superhuman with enough knowledge to overwhelm Wikipedia. To overwhelm myself. The pressure to know a lot and do a lot is really stressful, it makes me feel small. I end up thinking that I know nothing and cannot do anything.

I find that I will prevent myself from trying new things simply because I feel like I have to be good at them to even try. Which is backwards…

a beautiful bed of caramelized onions

Patience is a virtue.

Virtue is defined as a behavior showing high standards.

Patience is important because it means staying committed to something, even when it becomes tedious or boring. Patience means a willingness to wait, perhaps even endure a negative experience without letting it control you, it involves both acceptance and tolerance. Patience is also a practice, like a muscle it gets easier the more you exercise. …

Camille Barron

Croissants for the soul

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